It appears that the school system is not prepared for the indigo children. It often stifles their gifts and prevents the expression of the high IQ. According to the National Foundation for Gifted and Creative Children, many gifted children are mistakenly thought to be ‘learning disabled’. I will quote, “Many gifted children are being destroyed in the public educational system and falsely labeled ADHD. Many parents are unaware that their child could be gifted.”
The same foundation lists the following characteristics to help you identify if your child is gifted:

· Has high sensitivity
· Has excessive amounts of energy
· Bores easily – may appear to have a short attention span
· Requires emotionally stable and secure adults around him or her
· Will resist authority if it is not democratically oriented
· Has preferred ways of learning, particularly in reading and math
· May become easily frustrated because they have big ideas and lack the resources or people to assist them in carrying these tasks to fruition.
· Learns from an exploratory level, resisting rote memory or just being a listener.
· Cannot sit still unless absorbed in something of their own interest
· Is very compassionate. They often have many fears, such as death and loss of loved ones.
· If they experience failure early, they may give up and develop permanent learning blocks.
· May withdraw if feeling threatened or alienated, and may sacrifice their creativity in order to ‘belong’.

For more information or help please contact Aileena Cavali. You can visit her site or email her at


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